The Neam’s
There aren’t enough positive things I can say in regards to Green Hill Geothermal.  From the first interaction we've had with Thom of Green Hill Geothermal, we couldn't have been more satisfied as customers.  The installation team was fantastic and completed their work with no issues. The installers were courteous, and you can tell they value the customer's satisfaction and have pride in their work. Their customer service was outstanding, answering all of our questions and concerns.  We came to them with many questions because we were building our dream home and wanted everything top notch. Everyone who we have met from their company from installers to who they used for the geothermal well drilling was responsible, courteous and honest. I would and already do highly recommend Green Hill Geothermal to anyone and everyone who asks about our geothermal system, including my parents who are getting their geothermal system installed currently in their new home that is being built. The Neam’s 2015
Andy and Karen Hanna
Gregg: I just wanted to take a moment to give you our feedback on the geothermal system that you so efficiently and professionally installed for us this time last year. Firstly, we were extremely pleased with your ability to fully explain the pros and cons of geothermal and to even get into the physics about how BTU’s related to ground loop temperature and loop flow rate. I loved that you clearly knew how the systems were meant to work from the ground up and it gave us a huge boost in confidence to commit to both you and to geothermal. Secondly, we just love the system. It’s working out way above our expectations so far. As mentioned, we have now had the system for one winter season and one summer season. While the winter this past year was not a record breaker, the summer certainly was! For both seasons, and especially the summer, the system has been totally satisfactory – so much so that in Summer we felt we were never even close to the capacity of the system – it always had more capability to cool our house than we used - and this year was the hottest July since records began I think in Northern Virginia with daily highs in excess of 100 degF for more than two weeks straight. During the winter, again, the system seemed to never max out – always seeming to be able to offer more capacity than we needed. In terms of efficiency and cost here are some additional comments:
  • We ‘love’ not having that ugly, noisy A/C compressor outside.
  • We have recorded a dramatic drop in our gas consumption in winter – average of 70% less gas consumption compared to the pre-installation year.
  • During the hottest summer on record we saw our electricity consumption drop by 25%.
  • We find that the internal climate balance is much more even and comfortable with this system. With our gas furnace we were used to peaks and troughs of heat in the house as the gas furnace first blasted hot air in and then it cooled only to be blasted in again in a cycle. Subjectively, this new system maintains a much more uniform and balanced exchange of heat and cooling into the house.
  • We also do like the ‘green effect’ – the not to be dismissed feel good factor of knowing two things:
  • Our heating and cooling energy bills are now effectively ‘capped’ compared to non-geothermal systems from now on even as energy prices inevitably and inexorably rise.
  • We really have made a major contribution to our share of making the country safer through our contribution to energy independence for the USA from overseas energy sources.
Overall then, we are delighted to have had you as our contractor and advisor; we are more than happy with our decision to go geothermal and we are very pleased that the systems and actual results are meeting the expectations and requirements we hoped they would. Sincerely, Andy and Karen Hanna Vienna, VA August 2012.
Elizabeth Woo
Hi Thom, I am very happy for the geothermal installation for which your team worked hard installing. I am so pleased to have geothermal as other contractors told me I didn’t have room. Since you asked for my feedback I wanted to let you know. I was able to understand the entire process since you kept in such good email contact with me. Also the planning was very good every time you said your guys would be here they would be on time, wearing uniforms, and very friendly. The quality of work was excellent; I show my friends the unit as it looks amazing and everything in one small closet. Thank you for re-designing the system and allowing me to keep my closet for clothing, I thought I would have to lose it for duct work but you made it work. The guys always cleaned up there trash every night and once the grass grew back I can’t tell you were here. I wanted to go geothermal to do my part in being green for the planet and I am so glad I did. I am saving a lot and not using oil anymore! Regards, Elisabeth Woo Manassas, VA
Carl Bennett
Greg and his team at green hill mechanical are top notch professionals. I had them install two geothermal units (1 4-ton, 1 2-ton split system). They took great care to minimize damage to my yard and were always on time and very responsive. Greg trays every project like its his own home and doesn't cut corners or try to take the easy way out. He's work is top notch and the install of the equipment is gorgeous. All the equipment and wires are installed to perfection. Love my geothermal system and Greg and his team. Hire these guys with no concerns. They don't come any nicer and he's a master artisan with the geothermal installs. Carl Bennett
Jerry Jackness
Gregg and Thom are top notch. I own a building and remodeling company and i am always impressed with these guys work. There knowledge of Geo Thermal systems is amazing. They have become our exclusive HVAC company for all our clients. If you need an HVAC contractor that is knowledgeable and honest, this is your company. Jerry Jackness, CGP President Craftsman Construction
Janet Day
I highly recommend this company for geothermal designs, installations, repairs, efficiency improvements, plus any plumbing work, hot water heater repacements, running a freezeproof water source outside instead of a hosebib (who knew?), and any other home repairs/enhancements that Gregg says he can do. After going through several questionable geothermal companies, I found it so refreshing to find someone as knowledgeable, professional, creative, honest, hardworking, and just plain nice as Gregg. He and his entire staff will do whatever it takes to get your household systems working, even staying late in emergency situations so you don't have to go overnight without heat or hot water. We've discussed everything that's been bugging me about our house, and Gregg has come up with creative solutions I never would have thought of. He's the first person I would call if anything goes wrong in the house to see if he can fix it. Janet Day